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 Timer "Android Timer App"
Timer: An 'Exercise Routine' timer

WMI_Monitor_screenshot Development Purpose:
  • Need a timer to track an exercise routine.
  • Need an easy to read count-down timer.
  • Need to countdown reps and sets.
  • Need to track exercise features like weight and settings.
  • Need an interface to adjust all stored information.
  • Need an interface to adjust all application features.
  • List all exercises in the routine
  • Display count-down timer
  • Tracking rep and set of routine
  • Tracking additional exercise information
  • Application wide options

This program has been uploaded to GitHub, a "Social Coding" web repository.

Program on
[A new window will open]
'Timer List'

List of "Timers" that represent exercises. Choosing an item takes the user to the next screen showing the count-down clock.

'Run Clock'WMI_Monitor_screenshot 2

The user can start, pause and reset the clock by pressing the appropriate buttons. Start and pause can also be achieved by pressing the clock itself.

When the clock runs down a alarm sound is heard. The user can adjust the volume or turn the sound off completely by pressing the speaker icons.
'Run Extra'
The 'Run Extra' panel displays extra information stored for the timer. 'Rest Btwn' is the number of seconds the will countdown between each rep.

'Edit Clock'
WMI_Monitor_screenshot 2
The 'Edit Clock' panel is where the user can adjust the amount of time to be counted-down. The plus and minus button will add or subtract the hours, minutes, and seconds of the time.

The set and reps are increased and decreased in the same way as the time.

The user can also delete the timer altogether.
'Edit Extra'
The 'Edit Extra' panel allows the user to adjust the extra information stored with the timer.

'App Options'
WMI_Monitor_screenshot 2
The 'App Options' panel is where application wide adjustments can be made.

Orientation can be set to 'Device', 'Portrait', or 'Landscape'.

Finish Sound is the sound the device makes when the timer is finished counting down.

Rest Sound, like finish sound, is sounded when the 'Rest Btwn' timer is done.

Copy Timer allows the user to make a copy of an existing timer.
Tablet Usage
The applications is not only orientation aware, it is device size aware. The app will display the 'Timer List' constantly while displaying one of each of the other five panels.


Two graphics made for the application.

WMI_Monitor_screenshot 2
WMI_Monitor_screenshot 2
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