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 ArtActiveOnline Website

cs174 class project Website for artists:

ArtActiveOnline was meant to be a complete application for artists for them to have an online representation. What makes it a complete application is the other services provided in the member section.

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Why it was developed

ArtActiveOnline is created and operated by artists who have experience in gallery ownership, picture framing and website development.

The goal of ArtActiveOnline was to provide a web-based information, conversation, and portfolio tool for artists.

Artists need information on legal issues, how to approach galleries, present their work professionally, and track inventory.
Artist's portfolio

cs174 class projectAs an artist portfolio, ArtActiveOnline was a way for an artist to catalog their work, information, calendar of events and even be contacted by clients, all through the web site.

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Features of the website

  • Upload images yourself
  • Maintain your own information
  • Work anytime within a password protected environment
  • Have full access to professional articles and tutorials
  • Participate in discussion forums
  • Participate in artists' critiques
  • List your events on site calendar
  • Print mailing labels, gallery sheets and forms
  • Use gallery rating system
  • Use your personalized URL
Member's Section

cs174 class projectThe member section is where all the work is done. The site was made to offer more tools than the average user would use. The idea was that different users would use different sets of tools.

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Member's Features

  • Update Artist and Account information
  • Maintain Artist Record List
  • Preform Printing Tasks
  • Maintain Mailing List
  • Add to Gallery List
  • Rate a Gallery
  • Critique an Artist
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